Science Graduate

Working as a Sales Executive with a leading Bank


Seema, a science graduate completed her education in 2018 and was aggressively looking out for Jobs. Her job hunt took time as she was not aware on the opportunities that were available for a science graduate and she applied to any job opening that came her way, only to face rejections.

 While she was going through this painful phase, she came across a requirement with one of the leading private bank and she was excited as she had always been very keep on working with Banks. She did try for some of the government banks but unfortunately she could not clear the entrance examination in the few attempts that she made.

She appeared for the selection process which comprised of only a Personal Interview & an aptitude test (Pvt Banks do not have entrance examinations) which she could successfully clear. She was offered the Job with a starting package of Rs. 2.10 Lacs PA with probation of 6 months. Celebrations were all around

 However, this celebration fizzled out in couple of months as she did not like the task assigned to her. She was given strict targets for account opening and she was made to go to the market to scout new customer, every single day.

Seema approached us for a consultation and here are the discussion points that we had with her.

  • This was the best job that any Bank could have offered her as she had no knowledge of financial sector.
  • She had colleagues who were given better jobs of Customer Relationship where they had to work with selected customers, guiding them in their financial management. Though they too had targets but they were dealing with specialized products and Customers used to walk to the with their requirements
  • Her zero knowledge of Banking & Finance sector was also causing problems as she was taking time to understand the domain and getting used to it but the bank was creating pressure for numbers. She even had the threat of losing the Job


She is still keen on working in this sector but has decided to prepare ad learn. She is currently learning about the sector, different financial products, market challenges and is preparing for NiSM certification. She is determined to continue working with the same employer but demand a better respectable Job by showcasing her Knowledge & Skills that she is acquiring currently. We wish her all the Success


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